Sunday, June 2, 2013

You must have a personal reason.

For any change to stick, you must have a personal reason. Some people only change because of an outside reason and this will not work long-term. Some outside reasons include going on a trip, an upcoming event (wedding, anniversary or such) or being prodded by someone in your life. The problem here is what happens when this event is over? Do you gain the weight back? Leaving obesity behind has to be personal and it must be for the rest of your life. You must look inside yourself and find out why you want to change. If someone is goading you or forcing you to change that certainly won't work. Sure, you may lose weight temporarily but to have any chance of lifetime success you must internalize the change. It must be your reason and yours alone. You must do it only for you. Find the reason you want to change and success will be yours. Use an outside reason and guarantee failure. The choice ultimately is yours. Let me know how you are doing. Facebook: Mark D. Rumps. Twitter: @Cptmark1.

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