Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Weight loss surgery

I want to say I am not a doctor nor am I giving medical advice. This is just my opinion of these weight loss surgery procedures. I don't like them. I say no to them. Why? Surgery does nothing to address the cause of obesity. Once you get whichever surgery you choose you will lose weight because they all seem to restrict the amount of food you can eat, especially initially. The question is this: Why don't you just do that yourself? The problem with the surgery is you are still you. You did not address the cause of your problem. Mowing your lawn does not take care of the dandelion problem. You must do the hard work of yanking each one from the ground and reseed with new grass. Only then do you have a solution. It's the same with weight loss. You must do the hard work to find a lasting solution. There is no easy way to anyplace worth going. People may say they have tried everything but this is not the case. You don't try things because you set yourself up for failure. You do things until they are done. In some cases insurance does not cover this surgery. I will tell you this, you can purchase many hours with a personal trainer for what bypass costs. Now, I realize I won't talk many of you out of it. I will say this that it's a great feeling knowing you accomplished this goal with your own hard work and guts. You can succeed but it will take time and it will be difficult. There will be setbacks. Do not give up. Continue on the path to fitness. You can do it!

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