Sunday, May 19, 2013

I have had enough of obesity

When I started driving at the age of 21, the difficulties driving puts on your body was not on my mind. Fast-forward 3 million miles and I was a different person. I was at a driving job where I did not even open the doors, just drop and hook. I would eat fast food every day and when I would go home, I just sat around. This type of life led to taking 4 different medications a day for high blood pressure.

Blotchy skin, 44 pants, 2XL shirts and no energy despite sleeping nine hours a night became my life.

Being barely able to walk across the parking lot without having to rest or break out into a sweat was challenging. I went to get new pants and noticed that 44 happened to be the largest size carried at the store.

I knew I had to do something or learn to make my own clothes. I realized how ridiculous my size was.

There was no reason to be that big.

I finally decided: "Enough!"

Between the medications, the headaches and lack of energy, I had made my decision. I would change my life and get healthy and fit. Medications only mask the symptoms. Many people told me I would have a heart attack the first time I got on a treadmill. You know what, I was going to have a heart attack if I DIDN'T get on a treadmill.

Once you realize deep down inside that the way you look and feel is totally in your control you can begin to change your life. A year from now the time will have passed no matter what you do. Will you be proud of your choices? Start today with the first step: DECIDE.

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