Sunday, May 19, 2013

Five easy changes that can make a difference.

5 small changes that will make abig difference. It's hard to be healthy on the road but here are 5 easy things you can do that will improve your health without hurting your wallet.

1. Get the hose.

Instead of that soda filled with sugar, drink water instead. This is true for diet soda due to the fact that it is filled with artificial sweeteners that aren't good for your body (depending on which study you refer to). Be sure to drink at least a gallon of water per day (yes Gallon). You may notice you will need to use the bathroom more often at first but this will subside over time. Plus, it gives you an opportunity to stretch every few hours. Park in the back and walk in.

2. Get your fiber.

Getting at least 25 grams of fiber per day will keep you feeling full and keep things, um... moving. Some studies suggest a high-fiber diet may help lower cholesterol. Try Ole brand Extreme Wellness tortilla shells available at many stores. They are low in carbohydrates, come in several flavors, under 100 calories each and have 9 grams of fiber per shell. They are under $3 for a pack of eight.

3. Stop clowning around with fast food.

Many drivers tell me all they have to eat fast food because that is all that is available or they need to get in and get out. This is simply not the case. For the same $5 you spend, try 4 peeled hard-boiled eggs ($2), two bananas ($1), one stick of cheddar ($1), a high-fiber shell from number two above and fill your travel mug with ice water. This is under $5 and will take you no longer than standing in line at the quick-serve hamburger restaurant.

4. I need some bread, man.

White bread has little redeeming value. They have to add vitamins to it due to all of the highly-processed ingredients. If you must have bread, look for bread labeled "100% whole grain". This is different than "whole grain". Whole grain bread has whole grains as part of the ingredients but perhaps a very small part and the rest may be processed grains. 100% whole grain is made only with whole grains and leaves the processed grains out and so should you. Use bread sparingly and try to stay under a loaf a week.

5. Sweets for sweet. Most of us like our desserts.

For you it might be chocolate or maybe cake or pie. No matter, I think everyone knows that there are many calories and not much else. Still, we can't just live on tree branches and twigs. So, once a week treat yourself to a regular-sized Snickers bar. They aren't terrible as they have peanuts to give you some protein and good fats. Otherwise try to cut back.

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