Wednesday, May 29, 2013


The only way in life to accomplish anything is through consistency. It's the same for work or for your health. You must take the actions on a consistent basis that you know will bring you toward your goals. There are any number of books and websites that can show you what to eat and how to exercise. The hardest part for any of us is putting these plans into action and turning them into results. You must, day in and day out, work to be fit. It can't matter if it's raining. It can't matter if it's snowing and -15 out. It can't matter if you are sick and don't feel like getting up. Only you can take the action necessary to change your life. It takes three to four weeks to establish new habits for most people. These first weeks are the most difficult and are when the most people drop out of whatever change they had planned for themselves. I am asking you to not be one of those people. Put in your mind that you are going to change and nothing will stop you. Write that on a card you carry with you and read it often. It may seem silly but this type of reinforcement really works. Getting over the initial shock of change is hard but the changes you make will be very rewarding for the rest of your (longer) life. Use this site as your jumping off point. The Healthy Trucking Association of America is here to help. Yes, it will be hard and take time. I am not telling you it will be easy, I am telling you it will be worth it.  So, stay consistent, day in and day out and results will be yours.

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